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11th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management Rhodes

19 – 22 June 2024
11th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management

The Conference aims to address the significant issue of sustainable solid waste management through the promotion of safe practices & effective technologies. The Conference focuses mainly on modern solid waste technologies. It aims to stimulate the interest of scientists and citizens and inform them about the latest developments in the field of municipal solid waste management. Separation at source, Biological Treatment, the treatment at central facilities, waste prevention, biowaste utilization, recycling promotion, Waste-to-energy technologies & energy recovery, smart technologies for waste management, sludge management, agricultural and livestock waste, management of specific waste streams (construction & demolition waste, waste from electrical and electronic equipment, etc.), biotechnology, Best Available techniques, symbiosis networks, energy consumption and saving, carbon footprint and water footprint, zero-waste initiatives, plastics and bioplastics, marine litter constitute main conference subjects. Special attention will be drawn to the valorization prospects & the products from solid waste, such as: biofuels, compost, materials, etc. Furthermore, Environmental Diplomacy and Solar technologies to enable sustainability and circularity in the energy sector, Solutions & innovations for hydrogen production, efficient storage, distribution & applications, as well as methanol and other sustainable biofuels constitute new conference topics.

The ABraytCSPfuture partners will present a study entitled: «High Temperature Redox Thermochemical Heat Storage in Solar-Thermal Plants and Energy Intensive Industrial Processes» K. Fotiadis, G. Karagiannakis, C. Pagkoura, N. Vlachos, V. Mitrousis. L. Chasapidis, C. Agrafiotis, M. Pein, A. Eltayeb, M. Roeb, A. K. Singh, Z. Cao, J. Gebbeken, T. Xie.


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